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We take this opportunity to welcome you to Club Holiday. A place spread 20 acres of green and sprawling land situated around 7 kms from the main city market and 3 kms from the airport on Galpadar Anjar Highway. Surrounded by lush green gardens with fountains & an artificial lake, Club Holiday offers you the first class comfort with casual elegance and attentive personalized service. A place where you can relax, have fun, hangout with friends, entertain yourself or whatever it may be we ensure that you will love the place. Club Holiday has all the luxury amenities and banqueting facilities of 100 to 4000 people along with adequate parking facilities and also resort accommodation which is available at discounted rates for its members.


Member Privilege:

Club Holiday is dedicated to serve its Members high standard of amenities at very nominal expenses and is exclusively oriented towards its members and their family. Members have the privilege of enjoying quality time with their family and friends at club in the cool, serene and soothing environment after the day’s busy schedule.


  1. Four Star resort.
  2. Best in Class Room.
  3. Delectable Dining Experience.
  4. Huge green Lawns.
  5. Large Banquets.
  6. A Four Star resort.
  7. Best in Class Room.
  8. Delectable Dining Experience.
  9. Huge green Lawns.
  10. Large Banquets.

Membership Details


Executive life membership:

The Club management shall have the power to enroll any gentleman or lady residing in India or abroad to be an Executive member of the company. Executive membership will be valid for the life of the member and his/her spouse and children below 25 years of age or marriage whichever is earlier. Executive membership is valid for 250 years from the date of membership purchase of the member and his spouse. Executive membership is non transferable. Executive member will have to pay annual maintenance charge on every Executive life membership. (Subject to change with prior notice)



Sub membership:


Sub membership can be requested for children of life members who by way of marriage or of crossing age of 25 years (whichever is earlier) cannot be a part of their parents membership. Sub member will have to pay annual maintenance charge (Subject to change with prior notice). Sub membership is valid for the life of member and his spouse. Sub membership is non transferable.



Corporate membership:

Any company or institution registered under the companies Act 1956 or Societies registration Act or a corporation or a body established by any special act of any state of central legislature referred to hereafter as Institution shall be eligible to be a Corporate member of the Club and enjoy the rights, privileges and responsibilities as enjoyed by other executive or life members as the case may be. Subject to permission under appropriate law the Club may enroll a foreign company incorporated under the law of any other country and having place of businesses or an office in India as member of the Club on payment of such fee as may be decided by the Club management which shall not be less than the fee payable by an Indian institutional member and on enrollment such foreign company will be known as Non Indian Corporate Member. A corporate member can nominate three nominees of their choice (Employees not below the rank of officer) to use the club facilities, rights and privileges along with their families. The corporate member can add up to two more nominees (totaling to five nominees) by paying amount for additional nominees decided by the club management. The corporate membership will be for a period of 20 years. The corporate member can change the nominee in case of transfers / change of guard or other reasons on a written format whereby the first nominee shall cease to avail the privileges of the Club and the new nominee takes place of his predecessor. The corporate member will have to pay a nominal fee per change of nomination. The corporate membership will entail annual maintenance charge per nominee or an adhoc payment for the complete span of membership.



Honorary members:

Any distinguished visitor to the local area or any other person of distinction (Viz Chief Minister, City Mayor, Chairman of a corporation, distinguished sportsman etc) may be admitted with or without any entrance fee as a member of the Club for a period of 1 year or as decided by the Club management. Honorary membership will cease on transfer/demise/change of official status of the members




Service members:

Service membership shall be open only to such officers in the Central Government, State Government, Gram Panchayat, Jilla Panchyat, or other statutory corporation as the Club management may decide from time to time. No entrance fees will be payable by such members but in lieu thereof a special half yearly fee as decided by the Club management from time to time shall be charged. A service member shall not be the member of the Club on his/her transfers, termination of duty or retirement from service. A service member shall be admitted in the first instance for a period of six calendar months or part there for he may thereafter be continued for a further period not exceeding 6 month upon his filing a declaration in the prescribed from before the expiry of his term. Service membership is non transferable.



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